Booking A Concert

Engaging Queen City Bronze
Queen City Bronze is available for a variety of performance types. Space and parking needs are flexible depending on the venue. Typical engagements include:

Private events
Queen City Bronze is available for weddings, parties and other private events. Performance fees are $500 per set and may be negotiable. A set includes event set up and break down, and a minimum of 45 minutes of music.

Featured Concerts for non-profit organizations
Queen City Bronze is always interested in supporting schools, churches, faith-based and other non-profit organizations where Queen City Bronze is the featured performance. Depending upon the resources and location of the organization, an honorarium, free-will offering, or combination will be requested.

Multi-group performance events
Under certain circumstances, Queen City Bronze will participate in concert events featuring multiple ensembles. In such cases, we appreciate significant input in the overall event to ensure that our style and contribution is aligned. Compensation for such events is negotiable.

Other event types
If you would like to book Queen City Bronze for another type of event that is not contemplated in our engagement guidelines, please contact us. Our Board of Directors will respond with our availability and fees promptly!

To schedule a performance of Queen City Bronze, contact